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About us Quality Partner Information
Thanks to the variety of products for installation, NTET covers a great part of the Italian market regarding the telecommunication installation and it has been more and more dominant on the whole European, American and Arab markets for some years.

MET become a stock company at the beginning of 2003. In synergy with OEC, it has tried to break into the market
of electric power by obtaining important orders.

At the head of the homonymous group , NTET presents It self as leader in the planning, production and marketing
of "GRP products ", "passive components for fiber optic systems" 'polyethylene pipes"; and "various accessories
for installation ".

NTET was established in 1990, supported by TPR Spa, another company of the same propriety , founded in 1982
and that would be merged with it in 1997. In 1982 the productive activities started by the development of the productive lines of the GRP poles, up today trademarked as TPR, and by the production of GRP profiles with a constant section. In 1990 the company started the GRP moulding lines, the assembly of straps (wire elastic fixing devices), the assembly of passive components in optic fiber and on AMP's permit, the production of a insulating displacement telephonic connector called Picabond.

In 1993 NTET set out the line of "injection moulding" and in me 3 it in 1998. In 2000 the company begun the production of the glass cloth for GRP poles.

In 1995, NTET obtained the quality system certification from the CSQ according to the ISO 9002. In 1996 the company got /SO 900 1 for the planning too.

In 2007, NTET created another plant in Motta S.A (Catania), where, in synergy with COMEPO, installed the lines of extrusion for polyethylene pipes . After renewing and enlarging them, NTET move the presses for the injection moulding to this plant in Motta and the GRP production started as BMC (bulk moulding compound) and SMC (sheet moulding compound).

For a better resource distribution, in December 2002 NTET took over COMEPO Srl with its productive activities which today are split in iwo sectors: "estmsion polyetilen pipes" and "metallic carpentry". These activities are applied to the production of telephonic boxes, shelters and containers for TLC, generators and electric power substation (MUZZI TRADEMARK) lhemoplastic pipes ( i t e d , smsmooth, single and multiple).

NTET has a technical omce and a laboratory engaged in the planning and carrying out of rnechanical and
chimical/phisic tests in order to supply the market with products of high reliability and quality Regarding the intense research and experirnentation activities, the company is involved in an intense technical and cultura1 interchange with the Engineering Faculty in Catania.

At present, NTET plants are located one in Piano Tavola /CT), where there are the headquarters too, another located in Motta S.A. (CT) and, that in Reggello (Florence). In the above-rnentioned plants, the following productive processes take place:

Plant in Piano Tavola (CT)
Centrifugation of GRP poles Passive Cornponents for optical fibers
Puffrusion of GRP profile at constant section Connectorization of fiber optic jurnper
Moulding of GRP cornponents Production of fan-out
Assembly of GRP rnanufactures   Production of adapters for fiber optic
Assembly of electrornechanical cornponents connectors
Production of straps (wire elastic fixing devices) Production of fiber optic attenuators
We-g of glass fiber rnat for poles Production of fiber optic couplers
Plant located in Motta S. Anastasia (CT)
Polyethylene pipes estrusion
Injection moukiing of thmoplastic anà thetmosetbng products
Assembly of GRP manufactures
Plant located in Reggello (FI)
Polyethylene pipes estrusion
Metallic carpentry
S.P. 14 zona industriale - 95040 Piano Tavola (CT) - Tel +39 095 75635.11 - Fax +39 095 75635.44 - P. I. 02713560874 - info@ntet.it